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Local attorney, military veteran, small business owner and proud father, intent on providing real solutions for McCracken County.

About Eddie

Family & Education

The first priority of government is to maintain the safety in the communities in which we raise our families. The office of Commonwealth Attorney carries the responsibility presenting evidence against those who challenge the safety of our community by breaking the law. I will be an intense, hardworking prosecutor to help preserve the safety of the communities where we raise our families.


Eddie Jones

Law & Military Service

My career as a lawyer, both in private practice and in the military, has provided me with the knowledge and skills to ask the tough questions and then develop real solutions for the real problems people face. 


Boehl Stopher & Graves

Small Business Owner

A significant part of my job at our law firm includes being a part of an employment team that is sensitive, fair, and responsible. Boehl Stopher & Graves is one of Paducah’s oldest law firms and employs fifteen people.




McCracken County has a lot to offer and Paducah is poised to be the “go to” city our tri-state region. Our unique historic character is a defining asset that we should protect. With partners, I have helped restore 6 historic structures, one of which is in downtown Paducah.



Eddie Jones is focused on Paducah becoming a vibrant community that our children will call home in years to come.

County Commissioner Service

In 2018, Eddie Jones was elected as one of three McCracken County Commissioners. Local Government is a “team sport” and the McCracken County community has enjoyed a good local government team on the field these past 5 years.




Building on what makes us unique and preserving our distinct culture

I believe that Paducah is truly the chief among other western Kentucky towns.  I will work to preserve the historical charm and continue to improve the quality of life for both ourselves and our children so that we can be as proud of our future as we are of our past.