McCracken County Jail Cost

For three years, the McCracken County Fiscal Court has studied the revenue and expenses associated with running the McCracken County Regional Jail (Jail). [1] Historically, the Jail has been a huge cost to McCracken County. Below is a table and graph demonstrating the historic cost of operating the Jail. The financial [...]

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Paducah Adds Sports Courts to EXPO Center

I am very proud of my community's effort to enter the business of "sports tourism.”  😎 Reliable sources say that the repurposed facility is potentially booked for 30 weekends out of the remaining 39 weekends in our fiscal year. 😎 Below is a 4 page article about the project.  If you [...]

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The Genova Sale – More details

Later today, McCracken County and the City of Paducah will sell the property and building located at 5400 Commerce Drive (the Genova Plant).  Below is a summary of the transaction from the County's perspective and from a historical perspective. Summary of the History and the Transaction This property was initially developed [...]

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Greg Dunker Show Interview – Topic: New County Tourism Commission Proposal

This past week, I got to spend some time with Greg Dunker and Joe Jackson on the Greg Dunker Show.  I hope it was a reasonably informative interview about the proposal for a new county tourism commission and maybe even a sports recreation park such as Massac Creek Recreation Park or [...]

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SportsPlex Update – Join the Conversation

Below is a letter I sent earlier this week regarding the SportsPlex analysis.  I think we are all interested public opinion on this topic. We probably cannot "slow boat" this analysis without consequences.  🧐👇 VIA EMAIL ONLY: Judge Executive Craig Clymer Commissioner Bill Bartleman Commissioner Jeff Parker Deputy Judge Steve Doolittle [...]

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In the News

Well . . . today I enjoyed some attention from the Paducah Sun.  😏 I'm still processing their words and thoughts.  The paper feels I should have disclosed the fact I assisted Scott Darnell with his last days at PED.  The County Attorney said I was not required to disclose.  Frankly, I [...]

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