The Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site – Part 1 of 3 Parts


During the campaign for McCracken County Commissioner, I want to elevate the public conversation about two (2) key pieces of real estate located within McCracken County, Kentucky. The first (and probably most important) of those two real estate tracts is a 410 acre site located in western McCracken County and now known as the “Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site.” (As you probably expect, the second piece of real estate is Carson Park.  More on that later in a separate post.)

The Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site is located in a micropolitan area (that’s us). Our micropolitan area is ranked in the top 15% of the 551 similar micropolitan areas in the nation and is ranked number one (1) among the sixteen (16) other similarly situated Kentucky micropolitan areas.

The Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site is flat and 99% of it lies outside the wetlands. The site is adjacent to both rail transportation and river transportation. The site sits in the shadow of nine (9) active, coal-fired generating units capable of producing over 1,200 megawatts per day (TVA/Shawnee Steamplant).  The electrical service for the Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site is provided by Jackson Purchase Energy Cooperative/Big Rivers Electric Company.

The most important issue relative to the “site” selection process is having an actual “site.”  ~William H. Furth   

The impact of connecting with the right partner on this site is a game changer for our community. The fact that Paducah Economic Development (PED) is in a position to offer such a site is a testament to the quality of both the past and present day leadership of the public/private partnership organization (PED).

If elected, I will enthusiastically collaborate on behalf of McCracken County to make sure we are putting our best foot forward with the marketing of the “Ohio River Triple Rail Mega Site.”

By their nature, some portions of every land transaction have to remain confidential for a season. During a site selection process, the potential developer often requires confidentiality. However, the “after action review” (sorry – Army talk) is important. Sometimes simply knowing who has looked us over and picked a different location is helpful information. I believe it is helpful for the public conversation to include the identification of our community strengths and weaknesses.  That public conversation will make us stronger.

Check out the really cool 😎 drone video of the site in the link below 👇.

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About the Author:

Eddie Jones is a candidate for Commonwealth Attorney. Eddie began his legal career as a prosecutor in the United States Army JAG Corps. Presently, Eddie Jones is a practicing attorney in Paducah, Kentucky at the law firm of Boehl Stopher & Graves and also serves as a County Commissioner in his community of McCracken County, Kentucky. His background includes service in the United States Army and an undergraduate degree in Public Administration from Evangel University along with a Law Degree from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Eddie is interested in working to make Paducah and McCracken County more sustainable through bikeable/walkable neighborhoods, tourism including sports tourism, and the development of public/private partnerships including a focused, transparent plan for regional economic development.